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  The Rotary Club of Naperville 2021 Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Naperville is pleased to announce the 2021 scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors and students currently attending College of DuPage, Joliet Junior College, or Waubonsee Community College. Applicants must reside within the Naperville 203/Indian Prairie 204 School District attendance boundaries. Public, private and parochial students are encouraged to apply.

To apply for the 2021 Rotary Club of Naperville scholarships:
  • Read the Policies and Procedures for the scholarships. 
  • Read through the description of each scholarship to select the scholarship(s) you would like to apply for.
  • Compose answers to the essay questions for your chosen scholarship(s). The answers should be available to copy and paste into the application.
  • Prepare a listing of your in-school and community service involvement.
  • Obtain two letters of recommendation to support your commitment to service: one in-school and one out of school (not a relative). The letters should be in PDF format to upload during the application process.
  • The Google Form application will go live on January 4, 2021. Please check this website for a link after that date. 
  • Applications are due by March 14, 2021 at 11:59pm. No late applications will be accepted.
  • Email questions/concerns to Molly Martin, Chair, RCN Scholarship Committee:

Gene Drendel Scholarship

This scholarship was introduced to honor Gene Drendel, a distinguished Rotarian, a longtime and well-respected educator, and life-long resident of Naperville. Gene was active in youth athletics, especially wrestling, high school football and Little League Baseball, as a coach, announcer and supporter. He was also active in many civic and charitable organizations. 

The $5,000 Gene Drendel scholarship is awarded annually to one high school senior who has a history of academic achievement, proven athletic excellence, and service to their school and community.

Please download the 2021 Gene Drendel Scholarship Application Guide HERE 

Frank Slocumb Scholarship
This $2,000 scholarship honors Rotarian and Rotary Club of Naperville Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Frank Slocumb. The scholarship is awarded to two students who currently attend, or will be attending, College of DuPage, Joliet Junior College or Waubonsee Community College. 

Recipients are to be of strong moral character, active in multiple community service organizations and have a high financial need. First preference will be given to candidates who enroll in an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree program that will enable them to transfer to a four-year college or university. Individuals who will be first generation college students are encouraged to apply. 

Please download the 2021 Frank Slocumb Scholarship Application Guide HERE

“Service Above Self” Scholarship
The Rotary Club of Naperville “Service Above Self” Scholarship specifically recognizes and rewards an applicant who successfully demonstrates a substantial commitment to service. In 1989 The Rotary Council on Legislation established "Service Above Self" as the principal motto of Rotary because it best conveys the philosophy of unselfish volunteer service.

The $4,000 “Service Above Self” scholarship is awarded annually to two graduating high school seniors. Specific areas considered when reviewing applicants are in-school service and community service history, and evidence of a lifelong commitment to service.

Please download the 2021 "Service Above Self" Scholarship Application Guide HERE

“At Hope” Scholarship
The $1,000 “At Hope” scholarships specifically recognize and reward recipients' hopeful behavior in overcoming significant challenges during their high school careers. How one chooses to navigate and overcome life challenges demonstrates the character of the individual and the resolve for continued success. Also taken into consideration when reviewing applicants will be in-school and community service involvement.

Please download the 2021 "At Hope" Scholarship Application Guide HERE 

"Make a Difference" - North Central College Scholarship
This $2,500 scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors who will be attending North Central College and have an interest in leadership, service, and display the spirit of Rotary.

Please download the 2021 "Make a Difference" Scholarship Application Guide HERE

2021 Rotary Club of Naperville Scholarship Policies and Procedures

Eligibility: Scholarship applicants must live within the attendance boundaries of Naperville School District 203 or Indian Prairie School District 204, must graduate from high school during the academic year of application or be attending College of DuPage, Joliet Junior College or Waubonsee Community College. They may not be a family member of a member of The Rotary Club of Naperville.*

Qualifications: The applicants will be judged on:
Merit - History of service in school and in the community, leadership in service in school and in the community, and sincere and compelling commitment to a future of service in personal and professional life.
Character - Pose and presence during the interview, and letters of recommendation from two references (one in school, one outside school).

Applicant Intention: The applicant must intend to earn a degree from an accredited two-year or four-year college or a university, or to complete an accredited program of vocational education or training in accordance with the specific scholarship.

Use of Scholarship Restrictions: Scholarship funds shall be paid directly to the institution where the applicant is enrolled, earmarked for tuition. The scholarship must be used by the recipient for the fall semester or quarter (the "term") in the same year of their high school graduation. The scholarship cannot be deferred except (I) in the case of a documented medical situation and (II) with the written approval of the Club, which may be provided or withheld at the complete discretion of the Club. If the recipient fails to complete the term for any reason other than a documented medical situation, all scholarship amounts refunded by the institution shall be returned to the Club. Scholarship funds are restricted for use at schools, colleges and universities located in the United States.

Communication: Scholarship recipients are requested and encouraged to maintain regular communication with the Rotary Club of Naperville to share results and experiences.

*A family member is defined as a child or descendant of a child; a brother, a sister, stepbrother, or stepsister; the father or mother or an ancestor of either; a stepfather or stepmother; a son or daughter or a brother or sister of the member; a brother or sister of the father or mother of the member; any individual who has the same principal place of abode as the member and is a member of the member's household.